About Us

Quick Cash Advance USA is the premiere destination for short-term lending. If you are experiencing temporary financial hardship, we have the solution for you. Online cash advances are an easy solution to minor financial problems. What constitutes a minor financial problem? If you are employed, but spent the entirety of your check before your next pay period you may be in need of a small loan.

When you’ve spent your paycheck before the next arrives you have very few options. You can borrow money from friends or family to fix your temporary financial problem, but then you would have to admit to being broke. Asking to borrow money can leave you feeling judged or embarrassed, but with an online cash advance you can apply for a cash loan anonymously. The entire online payday loan lending process is online. You apply online, you submit your application online, you receive confirmation online, you are approved online, and your funds are transferred from our lenders to your bank account online.

Quick Cash Advance USA has been in the cash advance business since 2005. We have worked hard to grow our network of payday loan, cash advance, and cash loan lenders. That gives our customers access to a larger pool of cash funding. Did a payday loan lender turn you down? Were you unable to get the cash advance amount you needed? Apply at www.CashAdvanceUSA.com to get approved for the cash loan amount you need.

Our customer service department is available 24/7 to answer your questions, assist with your application, and provide any additional help you may need. Visit the Quick Cash Advance USA blog to learn tips on how to save, online cash advance best practices, cash advance news, company headlines, and more.